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Who is DirectHomeSelling?

DirectHomeSelling is an entirely independent service. As an Australian-based team, we bring more information, better insight and an independent voice to the property industry by helping people sell more innovative, better and faster every day.


Should I pay to Buyer Agent to find a customer for my property?

By law, an agent cannot act for (and accept a commission from) both parties in the transaction. This means that if your house ticks the checklist of a buyer's agent's client, you could technically sell it and pay no agent fees whatsoever.


How DirectHomeSelling help me sell my property?

We ask questions about your property via our website and, after verifying your ownership, share your information with licensed Buyers Agents. Buyer Agents with clients for your property will call you and arrange a time for an inspection.
This way, you be able to sell the property without going through the whole rigmarole of listing it for sale. A buyer's agent does not sell real estate; rather, they look for a home on behalf of buyers, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor (seller).


Does using DirectHomeSelling cost me anything?

Our service is 100% free for home sellers.


Why do you need my phone number?

We only provide our service to people who are real people and who want our service. We will only pass your phone number to real estate buyer agents when you add your property, so your details are safe with us.
Please let us know or review our privacy policy if you have any questions about this.


Is DirectHomeSelling available in my area?

Yes! If you want to sell property anywhere in Australia, we can help you sell your property


What if I've already contacted a real estate agent?

No problem. You can still list your property with us even if it is listed with a Real Estate Agent (Open Listed) – As we do not charge on the Sale of your home, you’re free to list your Property with as many other Real Estate Agents as you like. You're under no obligation when using DirectHomeSelling, so there's nothing to lose.


Do you buy my property?

We don’t buy your property. We listed more than 200 buyers agents nationwide. We will notify them about your aim to sell your property. If your home ticks the checklist of a buyer's agent's client, you could technically sell it and pay no agent fees whatsoever.

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